Thursday, February 12, 2009

Traveling Peru

I know, Ive been neglecting my blog, but finding internet in Peru is not as easy as it may seem. Not to mention finding one with speeds that arent as slow as a snail. I arrived in Lima, Peru on Feb. 2 after 36 hours on the bus through winding and bumpy roads and checked into a very cool hostel called Kusillo. I stayed in Lima for 4 days and had a great time just exploring the city and making some friends at the hostel. From there, I went on to Ica/Huacachina which is basically in the middle of one of the dryest deserts on earth. But fortunately, I found a little hideaway with a huge swimming pool and tropical drinks all day. That evening me and some friends went on a two hour sandboarding tour where they take you out in the middle of the dunes by way of a dunebuggy. Our driver was clinically insane and made sure to drive in such a way, that we all thought we would surely die before ever getting to sandboard. Luckily, we made it, and sandboarding was a blast. After a couple days in Ica Me and 3 travelers I met there headed on to Cusco, the second largest city in Peru. Ive been here 2 days at a hostel called Loki, and we are having a great time checking out the sights of the city. Tomorrow, we head out on our 5 day tour through Maccu Pichu, which includes one day of biking, and 4 days of hiking. The tour takes us through Volcanic thermal baths, ancient Inca ruins, rope bridges, ancient Inca temples, and the heart of the Perubian jungle. Ill try to post after the tour with some more photos. Caio for now


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