Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hail Yes! as I am writing this, I am witnessing the biggest hail storm I have ever seen! Hail pellets the size of marbles, and I fear that if I go outside I may be killed or maimed. That said, I shall regress to earlier yesterday to tell you about a very cool trip to one of the larger parks in Quito called Parque Carolinas. It was huge, and it took us a good 30 minute walk to get to our intended destination...a reptile house full of all the creatures we love to hate. Nothing but snakes, turtles, frogs, lizards, etc. It was really neat, and I got to learn all the Spanish names of all my favorite snakes. Something else that was a little humorous was that at the time we were there, a local upper elementary school was having a class trip, and the place was loaded with about 30 students, alll in perfectly pressed uniforms. Here´s the humorous part. Everyone of them was more interested in us than in the displays. The teacher was obviously frustrated, and tried numerous times to get their attention, but all they wanted to know was why there were 3 gringos hanging out in a local reptile house in the middle of a park. And for some unknown reason, they were convinced that I was an American police officer, and my friend Jacob was a famous Reggae singer..(he has dreadlocks)...anyway, we had a good time and got some nice photos of the park, which I will post later. Oh, and also, along the way there we encountered 3 girls from a school nearby who were doing a class project and wanted to interview us..not sure why, they just wanted to know what we were doing in the park...(again with the strange Gringos hanging out of place) it was funny though..I told them I was thinking of buying the park and turning it into the largest McDonalds in Ecuador...they weren´t sure if I was joking or not..what a fun day we had! Caio´for now!


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