Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sick in Quito!

OK, so one thing is for sure. Getting sick in a foreign country is not something I would recommend. Actually, it comes right after getting mugged by a gang of angry girlscouts on the list of things one should never have to experience. To make things worse, it may have been one of the most incapacitating colds I have ever had. By the second day, things were starting to spiral downwards. If you can imagine a sore throat so bad, that every attempt to swallow was first prepared for by bracing myself against the bed as if I were in a Boeing 747, and the pilot had just announced to prepare for a crash landing. If that weren't bad enough, I was so severely congested that those two little portholes to respitory freedom, might has well of been for asthetic purposes only. Of course, this just forced me to breath through my mouth, which caused it to dry out even faster, and thus, making the countdown to the eventual swallow come even excruciatingly quicker. Throw in a headache that even makes an entire bottle of Tylenol look appatizing, and three nights of sleep totaling about 17 minutes, and hopefully you can get a little bit of an idea how this going. By the third day, it was time to make a trip to Quito's Military Hospital emergency room. Surprisingly, this was one of the bright spots in my little adventure. I walked up to the window, gave them my passport, paid $12.00, and waited about 30 minutes to see the doctor. He was a very kind man, who took the time to really look me over, take some tests, and make sure it wasn't anything more than a cold. He gave me a prescription for a combination of 5 different drugs, that I took to the pharmacy on the way home. The total cost for all the medication...$26.00 dollars. This all happened yesterday, and today I am feeling much better, just as the doctor promised. Hopefully, by tomorrow, I'll be as good as new. Now, I just hope that this is the last time I have to go through that again. The lesson learned here is that when I am in America, and I get really sick, I 'm going to fly to Quito, and save a couple hundred dollars or more!


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