Friday, November 14, 2008

My New Job

Wow...I can't believe it's been almost a week since my last post. Things have been so crazy here, just adjusting to all the new surroundings. I am starting to get used to and enjoy the local foods and quisine. One of my favorites is the local lunch cafe that serves a nice portion of chicken and rice with beans for only $2. After one week, the surroundings are becoming more familiar, and I am able to cruise around town without getting lost..Yeah! The local buses are great, and they will get you to just about anywhere in Quito for about 25 cents. The funny thing is, that during certain hours, the bus becomes so crowded that people are literally pressed up against each other like sardines. What a way to emerse yourself in the culture. So, anyway, I start my new job officially tonight as the cook in the new kitchen at the hostel where I am staying. It works out good, because the room and board are free, and all I really need money for is basic transportation, and extra curricular activitities. I've met a couple of nice guys from Sweden who I plan to go to a salsa bar with tonight. The local women love to dance with the Gringos, and try to persuade them to buy drinks for them all night. How can you pass up on that offer. Spanish classes are going very well, but 4 hours a day, and a couple hours of homework each night can be a little daunting, but fluent Spanish is just around the corner! Yo espero estoy listo in un poco semanas! OK..time to sign off...see ya soon!


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